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On the 4th September 2010, Christchurch City was awoken by a Magnitude 7.1 earthquake.  Whilst the rest of New Zealand is known as the Shaky Isles, Cantabrians had thought their city to be built on solid ground.

Just 6 months later a M6.3 quake hit and shook the city to the ground.  This was in the middle of the day when the city was full of people and the result was that 181 people lost their lives whilst thousands more lost their homes and businesses.

To help with the disaster, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army immediately started appeals for donations to help feed, clothe and house those hardest hit.

RoboCrank has decided to help and has produced QuakeShake, a simple but fun app that allows you to create your own earthquake drum recordings.

Want to help the people of Christchurch? What could be easier?  Simply click on the icon above and purchase the app.

Many Thanks,